8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Free Recenzje App

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Zależy dla kogo

Dobry program drinki sie sprawdzają pod wrunkim ze znamy angielski ... U mnie program robi furorę na domowkach...

1 oz = 30 ml lub 28 g

Szkoda, ze nie jest po polsku


Genialne uwielbiam to potrzasanie i nigdy nie wiesz na co trafisz ;)



Zwłaszcza jak potrzęsiesz...

I wylosujesz drink o nazwie "Woda" :)


Teraz juz żadna zachcianka klienta mnie nie zaskoczy :)


Bbbardzo przydatna apka

Dobra aplikacja

Po prostu tak jak powinno być.



Not bad

App is comprehensive, but it seems like different people upload info, leading to some recipes saying, literally, "Rum, Gin, Tequila, Grenadine", and for the instructions, "Mix and enjoy". Which, as a bartender, is not really helpful. Other recipes list the amounts in ounces (most useful) and others in parts (useful, but less so). Anyway, not bad for a quick reminder of what's in a drink but definitely needs refining.

Absolutely love this app!!!!!

This app is the most convenient thing ever devised to bedevil the drunkard I have happened to become!!!!!

Easiest and Most Complete

GREAT APP!! I've ordered cocktails I've never heard of in restaurants and bars and later wanted to create them at home. So far, it's all been in here. Lucky me!

Excellent drinks 🍹 catalog app

I love me some alcoholic drinks🍸. This is an excellent catalog of them. 🙂 I love that it’s 💯 % free 😏😊

Good Resource

Good reference guide for cocktails


Easy to use

App is not bad once it stays open

Once I can get the app to stay open it’s pretty easy to operate. It takes about 3-4 times, it will let me start typing to search for a drink than the app will close & I’ll have to restart all over again. Very frustrating when looking for a drink now!!

Great App

Simple to use. Very clean layout. Easy search options. Tons of recipes. What more could you possibly need?


Like the different recipes

Really nice app

Great app


Very great app still needs the latest drink combinations of 2017 but really really great I'll go out and actually pull it to show bartenders what I want.

Great app, better than any bar book I’ve found

Excellent mix of the new and classic drinks, especially for party planning.

Great app

Easy to find drinks with what you have on hand and LOTS of different drinks available.

Love it!!!

I'm an amateur bartender and this app has helped me a lot when I'm in trouble! It surely deserves the 5 stars! It even lets me search with certain ingredients! Amazing so in love with this app. Great for learning

Great app

Borderline alcoholic and this app helps me try new things


Don’t have this app? You must be drinking beer... Good job on the App people...



So many options

When you have a bar guest that throws some random drink out there, this has saved me many times.

Highly Recommend

For being a free app, absolutely a necessity. Use it regularly at my job.

New Bartender

This is just what I was looking for! It's my first experience as a bartender and Lissa really comes in handy!

Great app

Easy to navigate and very user friendly!


Nice and easy to use.

Good App for what it is for

I am not a heavy drinker - so this app works great for me to look up the occasional drink mix or try something new. Well put together and easy to use.

Great app

Easy to find drinks you can make and want to make. Love the sorting options, the recipes, and the fact that it's free!

Alcoholic knowledge

Awesome app to find drink recipes and discover new ones you never knew about 👍🏼👌🏼

Bartenders Bestfriend

This app saves the day at work. Enough said.

Cool app. Thanks for brining it up on App Store.

Great app!!

Good, just needs a little work

So far I like it but the search function could use some work. For instance, when I search for a mule, I only get one result. It isn't finding the other recipes that have the word mule in it. Seems like an easy enough fix so hopefully it'll happen in an update. In the meantime I'm finding several that I hadn't heard of before but sound good!


App crashes when searching for recipes. And what, no recipes for Gin & Tonics??


Good app to use it


Great app, has every drink recipe imaginable! A bartenders dream!!

Love it


Great app

Has pretty much everything you need from ingredients to simple instructions

Great app

Awesome app! Too many recipes!!

Cool recipes!

Really cool to look at!! Thanks for the recipes!

Great app

Helps ya out when ya need it


This app has been a party safer.

Handy tool

Fun to shake my phone to get random recipes


Lots of ideas & colorful app. Just started using & it's great so far.


Usefull app

Best app!

My parents bought a restaurant that we now have family get-togethers at! This app makes it easy to look up and make any drink that anyone wants!


Best app ever

Great app

Lots of drink recipes

Great App!

If you enjoy mixing cocktails, this is an easy and user friendly app to help you take advantage of what you have in your inventory. Enjoy!


I love the shake for random drink.

Great App!

Full Menu and very simple to use. Hate the advertisements!

Very useful!

I tried it and it worked so well for me!

Nice app

Holds what is in my bar and lets me know what I can mix at any moment.

Helpful for a first time bartender

This has been a great tool to look up drinks that customers request, that I haven't had the opportunity to learn yet.


Love this app!! It's easy on the fly at work!!

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