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Zależy dla kogo

Dobry program drinki sie sprawdzają pod wrunkim ze znamy angielski ... U mnie program robi furorę na domowkach...

1 oz = 30 ml lub 28 g

Szkoda, ze nie jest po polsku


Genialne uwielbiam to potrzasanie i nigdy nie wiesz na co trafisz ;)



Zwłaszcza jak potrzęsiesz...

I wylosujesz drink o nazwie "Woda" :)


Teraz juz żadna zachcianka klienta mnie nie zaskoczy :)


Bbbardzo przydatna apka

Dobra aplikacja

Po prostu tak jak powinno być.



Did not like iPhone 7plus

Loaded but crashed upon opening and searching. Oh well....


Can’t honestly say whether it’s a piece of crap or not...BECAUSE IT CRASHED EACH AND EVERY TIME I TRIED TO USE IT...including multiple reboots, deletes, and reinstalls!


Every time I attempt to look up a drink, the app crashes.

No longer works.

Kicks out every time.

Keeps Crashing

I haven’t even been able to use this app. It keeps crashing. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting my phone nothing is working which leads me to feel it’s just the app. Once this is updated i will modify my review.


This app crashes when searching for drink. Also not updated on 2018 drinks.


I tried a few recipes but for one, the app straight crashed when I searched for amaretto stone sour. Then for another the recipe was way off (included 16 times the lime juice)when compared to google (Moscow mule by the way) and wasn’t enjoyable. To be fair it’s only been a day but I’ll stick to google searches at this point.

App crashes often

Almost every time I try and search a drink the app crashes before it finds the drink. Very unstable.

Downloaded in a pinch and kept crashing

Looks useful, but kept trying to do a drink search and it crashed multiple times before even finishing the drink name.

Pro version still not updated, for years now!

Fix the paid version-_-

Crashes frequently.

Poorly organized, waste of time


Crashes every time I type something into the search bar. Fix this app and I would give it 4 or 5 stars! 😡

Keeps crashing

Go to search for drinks and the app keeps crashing

Doesn’t have basic ingredients like St. Germain

Uninstalled. Didn’t have most ingredients that I searched for.

Free and Great

Easy to use and just a useful app.

Crashes every time I try to use it

When I first started using this, it worked and I had no issues. But then about six months ago, every time I tried to search for a drink or recipe, it would crash. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, and I’m still having the same issues. Before writing this review, I tried to email support, but it wasn’t a valid email. Please fix this, it’s very annoying and I’ve had to download other apps that don’t crash.


Separate non-alcoholic drinks please


App crashes


User cannot enter their own recipes, useless

App crashes

Crashes instantly on the first drink I searched for.

Crashes constantly

Riddled with ads and crashes every time I search

Never had a problem

Huge library of recipes. Can't go wrong with this app.


App crashes when searching for a frozen pink lemonade daiquiri for instance. I like the app, just needs some improvements.

Best app in 7 years

It is difficult I will soon see something is better than this app, in the last 7 years I have seen great products and this one is so incredible I can't believe so much awesomeness

Nice layout

This has a very pleasant interface, and a lot of recipes. I would like to see the ability to add your own, however, as it is missing cocktails like a "green tea". The search is a little tricky, but it does work with partial names which is great.


Crashes when searching "liquid c"

Crashed on my first try

Using an iPhone X this app crashed twice while I was typing in a drink name. 😖

Good in theory some flaws

Updating again with two suggestions for enhancement: 1) allow for two types of flagging - one to mark true favorites and one to mark things to try later. 2) allow user to add notes to recipes. Thanks. ---------------- Updated review. Still use the app along with a second one that has different shortcomings, even though my previously noted flaw hasn't been fixed. Between the two I can usually accomplish what I want. Another thing that could be improved is the search function. For instance, if I search for "Rob Roy" it returns one recipe for "Rob Roy" whereas the other app returns "Rob Roy", "Perfect Rob Roy", and "Dry Rob Roy". The broader search is much more helpful. I love the way this app is laid out but when I select the 'Ingredients' tab, then choose multiple ingredients and the option only to give me recipes that include ALL ingredients, the search returns many recipes that only have one of the required ingredients, which pretty much defeats the purpose of that option. That was one of the reasons for wanting to use this sort of app. Please fix! Thanks.

Why the extras

I used to like this app before other features were for wallpapers and other nonsense was added

Pretty cool

Nice that it’s free, drink recipes, and wallpapers, stickers - great choices!

Black out.

Every time I put an drinks name in it would black out and go back to my home page. WHY.

Great UI, Great Recipes

Best cocktail app I’ve found. And it’s free! What more can you ask for?

Couldn’t tell ya

Sounds like a great app... too bad I couldn’t tell ya since it crashes constantly

Reproducible crash

Search feature does not work. Crashes reliably.


I loaded it, tried to look up Old Fashioned, and it crashed and closed. Three times it did this. Just deleted it and now looking for another.

Best Drink App Available

This is a great app. I have found drinks that I have not been able to find any where else, and it's free. DB in Tx

Locks up

Locks up on me.

Great for guiding purchases at the liquor store

Now I actually have an idea of what I'm doing.

Long Island

That is not how you make a Long Island lol

Decent List

Definitely has some drinks you’ve never heard of but i use the ingredients search tool to bring some creativity to my wet bar.

Pretty neat

So far so good. I'm still not sure if it's the best yet

Cool App...but!

It closes every time you try to search for a drink! Very frustrating and useless. Too bad!

Drink recipes

The app is great for what I need

Works well, mostly. Can’t find drinks easily.

Works well, mostly. Can’t find drinks easily. Crashed three times in a row trying to search “whiskey sour”.

Very easy

A ton of recipes. Love it.


Pretty good app.

Favorite cocktail app!

My goto app for all my favorite cocktails!

This is pretty cool!

For free this is great. Nothing you can't find on the app, easy to use, and funny.

Good app

Can teach me to learn how to make a basic cocktail,very good app

Best thing I ever got on my phone.

This app is awesome I love it. Perfect for the man on the go that has a adult beverage from time to time. You can know what's in your drink before you order it from the bar. Perfect!!! Thanks

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