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Great app

Excellent! Very useful!


Clear and easy, the best cocktail app ever

Where is the party at?

Good app for parties and to have drinks with friends!!!

Great app

Very helpful as a server/bartender. Great for new cocktail ideas for work and for my own pleasure! No more worrying about executing correctly a customers cocktail request. Easy to use and unlimited recipes. One of the best apps!

Cool app for a beginner.

This is a great app for someone who just started to bartend and doesnt know all of his drinks by heart. The interface needs a little face lift.

Great on the go/new bartenders

This had been a great resource app for my family. My son became a bartender to help pay for college and instead f calling me couple times a night, we found this app. Thank goodness!! Good variety, easy to use, love the favorites for frequent drinks. I also really like the "shake for new drink", thats fun for mom and dad on the weekends. Thanks for keeping it free!!


Most complete drink recipes Ive found-classic and newer drinks both!

Very usful tool.

Nice touches. A bartenders friend.

Good drinks

This is good but could use an update with liquor like coconut rum and newer liquors.

Easy to use!

I use this app for daily specials at work. Ill randomly pick out something that sounds good and put it on special. Great app!!!

Fun app

This is exciting

Good but an update would be better

I like the layout and design of this app more than others, however when searching for a drink you cant scroll down, which is a real pain if youre not positive of a drink name or which variation of it you want to use. It would also be nice if I could add a custom recipe and make this my only app. It does have a lot of options, but whether I find a new recipe online or another app or I make one up, it would be nice to have them all in one place.

Great resource!

The only improvement I would like to see is the ability to "add" personal drink recipes that are used for certain individuals, or special holidays, etc. A folder of favorites, perhaps


Great app if youre a bartender looking for new ideas. Great app even if you arent a bartender.

Perfect app

Love this app so far!


Very user friendly even for a novice

Awesome app!

Am having a blast with this app for it for a company party should be a hit!

Great app

Love how easy to use and all of the different options!!

Love it.

Every drink recipe your looking for.

Great app

Love this app Im a bartender and my customers love it too !

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