8,500+ Drink Recipes App Reviews

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Great drinks app to have handy

Im amazed at all the drinks and easy to follow recipes!


Just what we needed with a kind of sad liquor cabinet. Was encouraged to find some nifty ideas!


Easy to use and great for behind the bar

Useful App.

I like the shake method for random recipe. Thanks.


Pretty good app

Great reference

Love this app so far. Versatile and fun!

Great app

All the drink recipes any alcoholic would need.. Wife tested wife approved


This app is suggesting i give it 5 stars to keep it free. So i guess... 5 stars

Great app!!

Im a bartender and love this app!!


I love this app but could you make a paid version that is ad-free? I would gladly pay for that.

Miss Mixer

Great arsenal!

At the airport

Great app!

Does what it says!

Excellent quick app that was able to do exactly as I hoped. Cool feature is being able to sort recipes by the ingredients I actually had on hand. Well done!

great app !

This app is just great saver for bar tenders some times , as these days we carry our smart phone everywhere .. as a bar tender i can take a look any time on this app in case i forgot some cocktail .. As well It can be very useful for bars or for "home parties" with friends ! Check it out ;)

Really Useful


Shake shake shake

Love the random selector. Discovered loads of new cocktails...


Great app with lots of recipes and variations.

Drink free app

Very nice app!

Good free app for cocktails

Good free app for cocktails


Ingredients kismindan elindeki ickileri sectiginde sana yapabilecegin kokteyl shot punch vs. listesini cikario

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